Why does my oven keep tripping intermittently or after cleaning?

commercialoven.net engineers repair oven

Why Does My Oven Keep Tripping Intermittently or After Cleaning?

commercialoven.net engineers repair oven
commercialoven.net engineers repair oven

Whenever you discover your oven periodically tripping either circuit breaker or fuse to blow after cleaning, ones immediate thought is to fear. Both electric and water are indeed a bad mix, and despite symptoms of dampness upon that screen are undesirable. Water seeping through into electronic circuit is just a typical issue for shop owners. But it’s not an issue you ought try to solve on your own. Contact a skilled oven engineer to assess the severity of the disruption and make recommendations for fixes.

How Water/Moisture Get Into An Ovens Control?

Throughout time, if moisture escapes through into control box, crumbly oxidation can form on the connections within the control side. Oxidation can cause problems on communications between the ovens main board and electrical circuitry.

While having to clean, moisture could get within if the outside condenser box, above the oven which if its improperly sealed the wiring towards the oven are damaged, cracked, or decaying with age. Whenever the rubber covering on aging cable wire deteriorates.

Liquid or moisture which seeps through fractures and breaks in the service wire can spread towards the control panel unit of your oven. Moisture may also penetrate through into cavity wall’s poor joint surfaces (especially whilst cooking food with a lot of water in it i.e. potatoes, veg, bacon etc). Moisture that penetrates the panel box can damage the electrical wire and causing an arc to form within the panel box.

Keep in mind the sort of oven you have and the type of items you use it for. We discovered that many times customers have a bake off oven but are cooking trays of vegetables inside the bake off oven.
Convection ovens, sometimes known as bake-off ovens, are often fan-assisted ovens that are perfect for making small batches of patisserie as well as for “baking off” items a in-store. Sometimes the Bake off oven exhaust pipes are too small for a heavy batch of steamed products.

Furthermore, if you observe any of the following symptoms or problems, you must see a specialist straight away. Don’t go near the panel and don’t try to fix anything electrical.

The first thing an engineer will do after being called to the oven to investigate whether there has been water damage within your control panel box, is to identify the source of the moisture. The very next approach is to establish the necessary repairs to any wiring or control panel unit to avoid further leakage.

What Can An Engineer Do?

Repairing the cavity joints, as well as the control box and checking the circuit breakers which guard your oven’s circuitry against overloading, could be required. Authors have discovered a significant amount of moisture entering the service area; a simple solution with such a high temperature sealant may address this. If you opt to change the mains cable simultaneously with the time, you must also replace the mains cable that connects to your oven.

Some customers could very well discover that this condition will resolve on its own if they allow the oven completely dry out for a couple hours or perhaps over night keeping its door wide open. If it is a must to use your oven earlier, ensure the electricity to the oven is off, then dry the interior or air vents with an hair drier or fan heater for a while to see this may help you temporally.

Report Outcome

A short in the circuit. “See the attached report for more information.”

The report found that the oven’s controller board was faulty and that steam moisture had built up inside, causing a short in the circuit. The engineer recommended replacing the controller board. In the mean while the engineer had made the oven good by applying heat silicone sealant around the cavity wall joints to prevent further moisture seeping into the controls.


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