Engineers Ultimate Repair Diary | Oven Is Leaking and Had Tripped Out

Engineers Ultimate Repair Diary | Oven Is Leaking and Had Tripped Out

Today’s call
Fault: Oven is leaking and had tripped out the oven breaker.

The Repair: This was about an Combi wash oven which was leaking originally. And now transpires afterwards that the oven started to over heat and burnt the bread.
Usually with this type of fault can come from a variety of thing to make this type of fault. Firstly the main motor stopping causing the heater to run dry without any circulation could cause an overheating oven. Secondly a faulty temp sensor is common with an oven overheating and cutting out. After fault finding for the leak, which was caused by some internal hose. Because this is a Combi wash, the hose was leaking from the water valve. This water has sprayed internally onto some connections. It looks like the water has sparked across the elements causing one of the solid-state relays to blow out. The main output board has also been blown by his water damage.

The cost of this repair is quite expensive on any commercial oven. However the repair to the parts needed is far cheaper than a cost of a brand-new commercial oven. The restaurant was a big Italian restaurant which was due to trade within the next two hours so they needed it to be working and was quite urgent and required to use it ASAP.
After changing a couple hoses internally that came from the wash valve, and also repairing the relay which brings on the elements as well as changing the main board. My customer was happy with the repair of his oven. There is no leak now and the oven is not overheated any more.

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