Engineers Ultimate Repair Diary | Commercial Oven Not Cooking Properly

Commercial Oven Not Cooking Properly

Fixing a commercial Combi oven, not heating up properly. Today’s oven is designed with an ‘engineers’ test function. A test feature that enables you to test each vital components, test will let you see which part is working well and which parts are not working so well. When on a test function we find the 3 ring Elements are pulling in the right current. And the main fan is turning and rotating clockwise and anticlockwise.

We also tested against the core temperature with our temp meter and display temperature is 200°c. Our meter reads 198°C so oven temperature is within the tolerance of 10% (within its range). Also this commercial oven has a Combi-wash which produces detergent and rinse separately in to the oven for a rinse and a wash cycle. The water Function is okay.

This oven has so many vital components so it was built with sensors that measures nearly everything.

Today’s fault was caused by misuse of cafes staff. Yes, i did say misuse. Not a normal breakdown that the oven will consider as a mechanical error. Today’s fault found was mainly due to staff removing pan trays from the oven then throwing/placing & leaving oven gloves above the oven blocking the air vents pipes (exhaust pipes) which this oven will detect if there is an error rendering a fault or error displaying on the digital display. So the oven will sense some sort of a blockage or failure to the exhaust micro-switch which opens the valve at certain times. Repair Solved!

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